The Do’s and the Don’ts of Anniversary Gifts for Her

It’s always good to find awesome ideas for anniversary gifts for your wife or partner, but sometimes it’s more helpful to be given examples of bad gifts. That’s why we’ve decided to do things a little differently here on this page. As well as giving you hints, tips and suggestions for the perfect wedding anniversary gifts, we’ll spend a bit of time looking at some absolute disasters. First let’s start with some of the best anniversary gifts for her.

The worst and the best anniversary gifts for her

worst gifts everFinding the most perfect gift for your lady wife, or your girlfriend, is important if you don’t want to be dumped or taken to the cleaners at the divorce court. Read this article in the Huffington Post and you’ll get an idea of exactly what we might be referring to – Gifts that are grounds for divorce. Give your partner the wrong gift and she’s going to start questioning your relationship. Keep making the same mistake year after year and it won’t be long before you part company. So how should you go about finding the most perfect anniversary gifts for her? Read on and then take some inspiration from one or more of our anniversary gift ideas. First and possibly the most important thing to bear in mind is that you shouldn’t even be considering the type of gift she won’t want to talk about with her friends. This rule applies whether you’re fairly new sweethearts or are decades down the road of married life.

Wedding anniversary gifts for her that are sure to go down a storm

Enjoy an adventure together – The thrill and excitement of a new adventure will keep your relationship vibrant and alive. Find an experience that you’ve both never done before, or something that you’ve both been longing to try. You’ll be creating new memories, which is never a bad thing.

Commemorate the day by recreating a special memory – Think back to the day your eyes first met across a crowded room, or you received a peck on the cheek and realised she was the one for you. It probably won’t have been just an ordinary day, so this anniversary take a step back in time and recreate the moment. Have a drink at the bar where you had your first date and toast your memories as well as look forward to the future. Cook the main course you enjoyed at your wedding reception, and relive that most important day in her life.

Buy something real that she can touch – There are some pretty awesome wedding anniversary gifts for her, but you might have to fork out a little more cash. An item of jewellery, watch or bag that is elegant and beautiful, but not too fancy. The aim of this type of gift is for her to want to keep it on her everyday, to remind her of the love that you share.

A beautiful gold-dipped natural rose

Anniversary gift ideas for her that won’t win any awards

Anniversary Gift for Her

Your gift shouldn’t be selfish – The whole point of giving a gift to your partner is to see her face light up with surprise. Imagine the expression you’ll get if you buy her a bread maker, because you want her to make bread. Picture the scenario, the gift of some erotic underwear, that would be better suited for ladies that are featured on the top shelf. You might think it’s sexy, but your wife or girlfriend may hate it and refuse to get it out of the drawer. Let’s be honest here, women can be just as guilty as men of buying a gift that they’re more excited about than the recipient.

Self-improvement gifts – don’t even go there – It’s good to offer your support when your partner expresses a desire to become fitter, lose weight or work through a childhood problem, but giving her a gift that relates to her self doubt is not the way to go. You love her because of who she is, warts and all, not the ideal woman she feels the need to become.

A gift voucher – Gift vouchers should really only be considered as a very last resort. Nothing will indicate your complete lack of thought, understanding or effort than a £50 gift card for HMV or Primark. It won’t matter a jot that it’s for a considerable amount of money either. Voucher is also an excellent idea for a birthday or Xmas gift.

Nothing is not better than the worst gift of all time – A high percentage of women will agree to this sentiment. No gift at all is not better than a bad gift. Even if you’ve agreed to take time out this anniversary and not give each other a gift, it’ll be a good idea to get something small, just in case. When she says “No gift” does she really mean it? Is it worth taking the risk? What she might actually mean is surprise me. You also won’t be left with egg on your face when she surprises you with an anniversary gift for you.

The key to giving wedding anniversary gifts for her is to choose something that suits her style and taste. Add in the opportunity to let her know how you feel about her and you’re on to a winner. Wedding anniversaries are all about sharing the love you have for each other, and reminding your significant other half how special they are. It doesn’t matter what wedding anniversary you’re celebrating, sentiment and emotion should run through your gift.

We wish all of you the very best for the future and hope that every anniversary is a resounding success.